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Social Work (SOWK)

5310 GRANT WRITING (2 credits) An application course designed to teach the mechanics of successful grant writing. It addresses the full continuum of the grant writing process from defining the grant idea, identifying grant sources, writing and submitting the grant application, and managing the grant award. Addresses similarities and differences between public and private funding. Emphasizes skill development in the areas of writing and submitting a grant application, public speaking skills, and ethical issues. Graduate-level students are also required to research potential funding sources.

5760 MENTAL HEALTH SOCIAL WORK (2 credits) Designed to enable the student to develop a knowledge base for beginning social work practice in the field of mental health. Students are introduced to theories of mental health and concepts of: mental health-illness, determination of needs, service systems, scope and variety of interventive methods, role of interdisciplinary team, evaluation, supervision, and impact of discrimination.

5830 GERONTOLOGY: SOCIAL WORK PERSPECTIVES (2 credits) Enables students to understand adult development and aging and to apply this knowledge to social work practice. Theories of aging are examined and applied to practice assessment and intervention strategies. Focuses on areas of particular relevance to practice with older persons in terms of expected life transitions and accompanying challenges (retirement, family relationships, etc.) and life crises and problems (loss and dependency, addictions, abuse and neglect, Alzheimer’s). Impact of ageism, diversity, and physical, psychological, and social issues and changes in the aging process. Accompanying health, social, and family needs; the relationship of public policy to meeting these needs; and the development and delivery of services.

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