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Graduate Study

The goal of graduate studies in the Department of Professional Education is to provide P-12, post-secondary, and other educators with the opportunity for advanced study in the history, theories, technologies, and methodologies of education. The degree programs have as their major purpose the scholarly development of highly qualified educators who increase their contributions to the learning process of all students. This purpose can be realized with an increased capacity for conceiving and expressing ideas and with a greater understanding and sensitivity to the problems of humanity, culture, and the environment.

Goals of the Program

The goals of the graduate programs in education are:

  1. To provide an academic environment that will serve to stimulate intellectual inquiry and growth;
  2. To conduct a scholarly exploration of the foundations of educational theory, practice, and research;
  3. To allow for independent and individualized study in a variety of disciplines;
  4. To support the overall mission and goals of the university.

Final assessment of student achievement is demonstrated through a final research paper or thesis with an oral defense (for M.S. candidates), or through a capstone experience project designed specifically as an applied demonstration of advanced knowledge and preparation in education (for M.Ed. candidates).

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