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Preprimary Endorsement

The Preprimary Endorsement added to the K-6 license results in licensure to teach three and four-year olds, Kindergarten children, and elementary grade students in grades one through six. Course work as well as student teaching at the preschool and kindergarten levels result in solid preparation for teaching at the this preprimary level.

The endorsement is optional for students earning a professional teaching license. The credits can be taken in addition to a student's plan of study and can be taken each semester as their schedule permits pending noted prerequisites. Students enrolled in education have the opportunity to enroll as a graduate student, however not all courses in the endorsement are offered at a graduate level. The endorsement can be obtained after successful completion of all course requirements.

Preprimary Endorsement

ED 3670/5670 Foundations of Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
ED 3677/5677 Relations and Management in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
ED 4811/5811 Preprimary Student Teaching (8 credits)

Subtotal 14 Credits

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