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While the name and curriculum of the institution have changed through the years, the primary focus has not: Bemidji State University serves the people of its region and state. From its inception, BSU's first responsibility has been to provide quality educational opportunities to the citizens of northern Minnesota. Still, over the decades Bemidji State University has attracted more and more students from throughout the state, the region, the country, and other nations. Recognizing the importance of global education, the University encourages international students to study and live at BSU and is increasing student opportunities to study and live abroad. Expansion of its online course offerings enables BSU to serve more students living outside the area.

Computer Labs and Network Access

Bemidji State University computer facilities include computer laboratories with approximately 600 computer stations for student, faculty and staff use. All classrooms, residence hall rooms, labs and offices are connected to the campus computer network at speeds of 100 Mbp or higher. Wireless network access is available at nearly full coverage in all academic buildings as well as in two of our six Residence Halls.

State-of-the-art technologies are also used in the following applications: the University's Interactive Television system (ITV), which offers distance delivery of BSU courses at off-campus sites; online courses; and course registration utilizing the Web. BSU’s Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation links education and business endeavors and promotes entrepreneurship and economic development.

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