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Section III

Graduate Assistantships

Students who need assistance in funding their graduate education should consider the possibility of a graduate assistantship. Students who are awarded an assistantship receive a stipend, plus a tuition waiver, during their appointment. Typical assignments might be teaching introductory classes, working as lab or research assistants, or serving in specific administrative offices of the University. 

All graduate students who wish to participate in a graduate assistantship must meet the requirements according to the specified guidelines. There may be significant differences between an assistantship during the academic year and a summer assistantship. 

Application for a Graduate Assistantship

All graduate assistantship appointments are subject to the approval of the School of Graduate Studies. To apply for a graduate assistantship, students must complete the following:

  1. Be admitted to a master’s degree program in the School of Graduate Studies
  2. Seek out graduate assistantship positions that are currently available or will become available for the following academic year (see the School of Graduate Studies website for more details).
  3. Apply directly to the department or program chair for a graduate assistantship. Application materials must include a cover letter clearly indicating the applicant's intentions, a current resume, recommendation letters, and unofficial transcripts. Applicants must follow the application process designated by the assistantship supervisor/contact person (see the School of Graduate Studies website for more details). 



Academic Progress Requirements

For more information on Graduate Assistantship positions, visit the School of Graduate Studies website.

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