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Section IV

Academic Procedures

Readmission After Dismissal

A graduate who is dismissed based on academic performance or academic irregularities may petition for admission following an absence of one calendar year from the date of formal dismissal. The petition for readmission requires the approval of the department/program chair and the Dean, School of Graduate Studies.

Academic Grievances

The grievance procedures for challenging grades and registering complaints about faculty, courses, teaching procedures, and related academic concerns are described fully in the Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook. This section also describes administrative procedures for dealing with non-academic complaints such as discrimination and harassment.

Written Student Complaints

The University maintains a record of written student complaints filed with the offices of the President, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Summary information regarding student complaints to these administrative offices is provided to the Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association), upon their request and in compliance with data privacy policy, as a part of the University's periodic accreditation review.

Withdrawal from School

  1. Complete withdrawal from all courses must be finished prior to the withdrawal deadline published in the Academic Calendar, except in hardship cases.
  2. A "W" grade is assigned when students formally withdraw from a course fosr which they are financially responsible.
  3. Failure to withdraw officially will result in "F" grades.
  4. Withdrawal from the graduate program is initiated by the student at the School of Graduate Studies.
  5. For refund information, visit the Tuition and Fees section of the Business Services website.
  6. Withdrawal may require repayment of financial aid and/or GI Bill payments and reassessment of eligibility. For return to the University see Returning Students in this section.

Transcript Requests

Bemidji State University transcripts must be requested in person or in writing and include the student’s signature (Data Privacy Act 1974) from the Records and Registration Office, 101 Deputy Hall, 218-755-2020. Students may submit the Transcript Request Form available on the Records and Registration website. A processing fee is assessed for request for more than ten copies.  Students no longer need to request transcripts for other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institutions unless otherwise notified.

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