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Information Technology Services

Office of the Chief Information Officer

329 Deputy Hall

This office is responsible for the following areas: Academic Technology Center; Technical Support, including the student and employee computer Help Desk and computer labs; Programming, Network Infrastructure, and Servers; and Web Services. New developments, Key Projects, and other updates on changes in technology can be found at the office's website listed above.

Computer Labs


The Student Technology Center (STC) is located in 11 Memorial. It is the primary computer lab for students and is open seven days a week, including until midnight Monday through Thursday. There are 32 computers in the lab that run both the Windows and Mac operating systems and have all BSU software programs, including Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Visual Studio 2010, and ArcGIS.

Decker Lab is located in 11 Decker and is open Monday through Friday. This lab features 20 computers running Windows and Mac operating systems and all of the same software programs as the STC.

BSU’s Library has 70+ computers and is open to all BSU students. There are also 4 computers available for use by any member of the public.

In addition to the public computer labs, BSU has several department-specific labs located throughout campus.

Computer Store

151 Deputy Hall

The BSU Computer Store offers education discounts to students, faculty, and staff on Apple and Dell computers. A variety of computer hardware and accessories is offered, as well as Microsoft Office for $25.00, to students, faculty, and staff.

Technical Support

11 Memorial Hall

BSU Technical Support offers assistance to students, faculty, and staff on a variety of computer issues. Support analysts are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours to assist students with email issues, accessing D2L online courses, attaching to the campus wireless network, removing viruses, and other computer related questions. BSU Tech Support is not authorized to fix any problems with personally owned computers, other than to assist with wireless connectivity.

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