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Student Services

Office of Student Development and Enrollment

313 Deputy Hall

The Office of Student of Development and Enrollment supports student learning at Bemidji State University through providing information and referral regarding student life and student services at the University. The office provides consultation to students, faculty, and staff on matters of behavior, complaints, personal and academic progress, and general concerns. The office offers assistance and coordinates services during times of extended student illness and student/family emergencies.

Student Development and Enrollment also provides oversight and support for Admissions, Advising Success Center, American Indian Resource Center, Campus Recreation, Career Services, Dining Services, Disabled Student Services, Hobson Memorial Union, International Program Center, Residential Life, Student Center for Health and Counseling, TRIO/Student Support Services, and TRIO/Upward Bound. In addition, the office coordinates and oversees the campus student conduct system and the annual update of the Student Handbook.

American Indian Resource Center


Staff members at the center provide leadership in the recruitment and retention of American Indian students and serve as a liaison between students and BSU. Staff serve as advisors for two student organizations: the Council of Indian Students and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. Faculty serve as advisors for students pursuing the Indian Studies program and Ojibwe language minor.

Career Services

Sanford Hall, First Floor

Career Services offers career information, career assessments and counseling, and career planning for students who are deciding on a major or who may be changing their major. In addition, Career Services assists students in making the transition from student to professional by offering job search assistance (including résumé and letter writing, the art of interviewing, and self-managed credential files). Part of the job search process includes employer contacts, on-campus interviews, and participation in multiple job and career fairs each year. For further information, see the contact addresses/numbers above.

Counseling Services

Student Center for Health and Counseling
First Floor Cedar Hall

The Student Center for Health and Counseling provides individual personal counseling, testing, consultation and referral for a variety of life issues such as mood management, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, grief and loss, adjustment and life transitions, alcohol and drug concerns, body and food concerns, abuse, trauma, and crisis intervention. Calling for an appointment is recommended. Walk-in appointments are on a staff-available basis.

Student Health Services

Student Center for Health and Counseling
First Floor Cedar Hall

The Student Center for Health and Counseling provides health care and health education/promotion for all registered students on days classes are in session. The Center provides assessment, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of health care and health promotion needs. Examples include physicals for women's health, sports, work, and travel, and care for urgent problems such as sore throat, headache, abdominal pain, skin rashes, and ankle sprains. Health education and promotion information is also available. Calling ahead for an appointment is recommended. Service is provided on a limited basis in the summer.

Required Student Health Insurance Program

Student Center for Health and Counseling (SCHC)
First Floor Cedar Hall

Student health insurance is a required condition of enrollment at BSU. This condition of enrollment was adopted by the student senate at Bemidji State University in the spring of 2011 for implementation in fall 2011.

The condition of enrollment means that students who register for six (6) or more on-campus credits will be asked if they have a health care policy. If the response is yes, students will be asked to enter the policy name. If the student response is no, they will be informed that they will be enrolled in the endorsed health care plan adopted by student senate.

In the health care policy adoption, student senate selected a health care policy that allows domestic students to have access to an affordable health insurance plan if they do not have access to other coverage or wish to supplement existing coverage. The plan selected by the student senate is United Healthcare Student Resources. Details of this plan and enrollment forms are available at Students may print it off from this site, fill it out, and bring it in or email it with payment to the Student Center for Health and Counseling (SCHC). Students can also find information about this policy and enroll at the SCHC.

Purchasing Student Insurance

The student plan is available for purchase January 9, 2012, through March 9, 2012. If a student comes to the SCHC for services after March 9, 2012, and do not have health insurance, the student health insurance enrollment fee for the full semester and the date of coverage will begin on the date of payment.

Fees for United Healthcare Student Resources Insurance:


8/22/11 - 8/21/12



8/22/11 - 1/8/12



1/9/12 - 5/7/12



1/9/12 - 8/21/12



5/8/12 - 8/21/12


Billing for SCHC Services

The SCHC will be billing and submitting charges for services provided. Charges not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the student incurring the charge. A fee statement for services and charges will be provided upon request.

The following insurance companies can be directly billed through the SCHC: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, Preferred One, Health Partners, United Healthcare Student Resources, Prime West, UCare, and MNCare. Other policies will also be accepted at the SCHC but if a student is not covered by an insurance company listed above, it will be the student’s responsibility to find out from the insurance company what services they will cover before being seen at the SCHC. After the appointment, it is the student’s responsibility to pay Bemidji State University, and then submit the charges to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Counseling Services

Students seeking SCHC counseling services will be required to provide their insurance information to the SCHC for billing purposes. For students enrolled in the United Health Student Resource insurance plan, coverage will not go into effect until the fee (see above) is paid in full. Students may also be referred for off-campus mental health services. Students will receive bills for services that their insurance does not cover. A fee statement for services and charges will be provided upon request.

Health Services

Charges incurred for health services are subsidized by the Health Service Student Fee. Students seeking health services are required to carry health insurance. Students will receive bills for services that their insurance does not cover.

Disability Services Office (DSO)

2 Sanford Hall

For students who have a documented disability and are registered with the DSO, this office provides accommodations, including (but not limited to) material on audio cassettes, large print, braille, interpreters, transcription services for the deaf and hard of hearing, realtime captioning, adapted exams, priority registration, note takers, and scribes, as well as agency referrals for counseling and assessment.

Veteran's Assistance Center

216 Sanford Hall

The Veteran's Assistance Center serves veterans attending or planning to attend Bemidji State University, and assists in addressing needs, answering questions, and accessing resources to facilitate and support the educational progress of veterans. The office provides both direct assistance and referral services, including in securing veterans educational benefits and other BSU services. The Veteran's Assistance Center also assists the families and dependents of veterans.

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