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Camp Nursing Certificate

The Nursing program offers Camp Nursing certification. The 15-credit certificate provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in camp nursing, synthesize camp population based data, implement interprofessional actions, and evaluate professional growth. The courses in this certification are for registered nurses who are enrolled or have completed a baccalaureate nursing program.

Prerequisite: Registered Nurse

Pre/co Requisite: bachelor’s degree in nursing

Program outcomes:
1. Utilize a body of knowledge that directs camp nursing practice.
2. Synthesize evidence to determine appropriate application of the nursing process across diverse camp populations.
3. Utilize ethical analysis, clinical reasoning, and interprofessional collaboration effectively in the camp setting.
4. Design nursing care for a camp population based on biopsychosocial and community health needs.
5. Evaluate ongoing professional growth as a camp nurse through reflective practice.

All courses are required for the certificate:
NRSG 4400/5400 Introduction to Camp Nursing, 3 credits
NRSG 4407/5407 Roles and Responsibilities of Camp Nursing, 3 credits
NRSG 6400 Professional Camp Nursing, 3 credits
NRSG 6407 Camp as Community: Epidemiology and Care of Camp Populations, 3 credits
NRSG 6850 Camp Nursing Capstone Experience, 3 credits

Total: 15 Credits

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