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Professional Education

Department of Professional Education
Education-Art Building 218-755-3734

Graduate Study in Professional Education - Goals

Please note that Master of Science-Special Education and Master of Education-Education degree's were approved for closure as of Fall 13. Students currently pursuing these degrees have the option to complete their degree and can contact the Department of Graduate Studies or the Department of Professional Education for additional information.

Graduate Faculty

Dr. Michael Urban, (Sabbatical 2014-15), Dr. Judy Olson, Dr. David Benson, Dr. Barbara Bridges, Dr. Potter Coggins, Dr. Timothy Goodwin (Interim Chair), Dr. Janne Lillestol, Dr. James Mastro, Ms. Kristi Nei, Ms. Sonia O'Bryan, Dr. Roxanne Pickle, Dr. Rachele Schafer, Ms. Lisa Schmitz, Dr. Janine Wahl, Ms. Miriam White, Dr. Linda Colburn

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