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Anthropology Course Descriptions

(ANTH) College-Program: 17-14 Check with Coordinator for quarter when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

100 BECOMING HUMAN - TRACING OUR ORIGINS (4 credits ). Humans as biological and cultural organisms. The physical origin of humans and the primates; the interplay of biological and cultural factors in our evolution; physical variations among modern human populations. (Applies to Liberal Education Area V ).

101 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY (4 credits ). Comparative study of a variety of modern human groups serves to illustrate the methodology of Cultural Anthropology. Analyses of technologies, family forms, social organizations, religions, and cultural change. (Applies to Liberal Education Area V, Area VII ).

210 NATIVE NORTH AMERICANS (4 credits ). Examination of the variety of native North American cultures (north of Mexico). Survey of linguistic and archaeological background; emphasis on social and ecological adjustments.

230 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS (4 credits ). Principles, techniques, and practice in the conduct of field research in natural social settings, focusing on participant observation, unstructured and semi-structured interviewing, use of informants, personal and public documents, content analysis, unobtrusive research techniques, interpreting data, and preparation of a field research report (ethnography). Prerequisite: ANTH 101 or SOC 110.

311 THE PEOPLES AND CULTURES OF SOUTH ASIA (4 credits ). Survey of continuity in the cultures of the subcontinent of South Asia from prehistoric times; analysis of tribal societies and village life in Moslem Pakistan and Hindu India. (May not be offered every year.)

312 AREA STUDIES (4 credits ). Surveys of the cultures of such areas as Oceania, Africa, Mexico, and Centraland South America. Emphasis on present-day cultures. May be repeated for the study of different areas. (May not be offered every year.)

313 APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY (4 credits ). An investigation of the application of anthropological methodology to practical efforts to aid developing nations. Case-study approach will be emphasized. (May not be offered every year.)

314 RELIGIONS OF PRELITERATE SOCIETIES (4 credits ). Functions of religion in preliterate societies. A comparative analysis of the role of religion on a scale of increasing societal complexity. (May not be offered every year.)

315 CULTURE AND PERSONALITY (4 credits ). A critical survey of the field of culture and personality and of the principal concepts and methods used in studying the relationship between the individual and culture. (May not be offered every year.)

320 OLD WORLD PREHISTORY (4 credits ). Cultural evolution in Africa, Asia, and Europe from the earliest toolmaking to the beginning of history. Emphasis will be placed on people's adaptive behavior.

321 NORTH AMERICAN PREHISTORY (4 credits ). Origins and development of the prehistory cultural traditions of North America. Culture areas will be studied from an ecological perspective. (May not be offered every year.)

322 ARCHAEOLOGY AND ETHNOGRAPHY OF MINNESOTA (4 credits ). Peoples and cultures of Minnesota from the earliest prehistoric occupations to historic settlement. Indian occupation of Minnesota. Indian groups and lifeways at the time of Euro-American contact.

323 METHODS IN ARCHAEOLOGY (4 credits ). Archaeological methodology with an emphasis on methods and techniques of excavation. Laboratory sessions will demonstrate methods of artifact analysis. (May not be offered every year.)

324 SUMMER FIELD SESSION IN ARCHAEOLOGY (4 or 8 credits ). Techniques and purposes of field work in archaeology. Five-week program of excavation, either full-time (8 quarter hours credit) or half-days (4 quarter hours credit). Prerequisite: ANTH 323 and/or consent of instructor. (May not be offered every year.)

325 OJIBWE CULTURE (4 credits ). Surveys aspects of and observances and changes in Ojibwe culture from the contact period to the present. May also be taken as INST 325. Prerequisites: ANTH 101 and 210.

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