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Geology Course Descriptions

(GEOL) College-Program: 17-09. Check with Department for quarter when these courses are offered. Read each course description for prerequisites.

111, 112, 113 GENERAL GEOLOGY-F-W-S (4,4,4 credits). Introduction to modern geology with emphasis on general principles and processes. Lecture and laboratory. NOTE: GEOL 111, 112, and 113 must be taken in sequence. This sequence may also be used to fulfill Liberal Education requirements. (Applies to Liberal Education Area IV ).

201 MINERALOGY-F (4 credits). The origins, occurrences, crystal system, properties, and uses of common minerals. An introduction to the role of the polarizing microscope in mineral studies. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

202 PETROLOGY-W (4 credits). The description, origin, and classification of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

211 INTRODUCTION TO PLANETOLOGY I: SPACE SCIENCE-F (4 credits). An examination of space science from the earth's environment outward to include atmospheric phenomena (magnetic field, aurora, upper atmosphere), the moon, cosmic particles (rays, dust, meteorites) and the human presence in space.

212 INTRODUCTION TO PLANETOLOGY II: SOLAR SYSTEM-W (4 credits). An examination of the solar system utilizing current information from landers, flybys, telescopes, and scanners. The planets, their satellites, asteroids, comets, meteorites, and other bodies are studied in detail.

291 DIRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY-W(arr. credits). When taken as Honors Studies in Earth Science the following description applies: Independent research or scholarly activity open to superior students with an interest in one or more fields of Earth Science. Prerequisites: GEOL 113 or consent of instructor.

301 GEO-CHEMISTRY-F (4 credits). Geochemistry is a quantitative treatment of fundamental geochemical processes. It treats the controls and sampling of element distributions in nature for students of geology, chemistry or environmental sciences. Prerequisites: GEOL 112 and CHEM 113 or 123.

321 HYDROGEOLOGY I-W (4 credits). Introduction to basic Hydrology. The Hydrologic cycle, aquifers and confining beds, porosity and hydraulic conductivity, groundwater movement, aquifer tests, well logs, groundwater quality and pollution. General GEOL 113, MATH 113 or equivalent.

323 HYDROGEOLOGY II-S (4 credits). Statistical methods in Hydrology, Precipitation; infiltration; stream flow; floods, and Reservoir characteristics. Prerequisites: General GEOL 113, MATH 113 or equivalent.

340 GLACIAL AND PLEISTOCENE GEOLOGY-S (4 credits). Modern concepts of glacial geology; interpretation of glacial phenomena and their effects. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

342 GEOMORPHOLOGY-F (4 credits). Geological processes and the origin and evolution of land forms. Principles of aerial photography and photo interpretation. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

343 INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY-F (4 credits). An introductory course designed to provide a general overview of the science of oceanography through the interdisciplinary areas of physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. Prerequisite: GEOL 113 or consent of the instructor.

350 INTRODUCTION TO PALEONTOLOGY (4 credits). The major groups of organisms and their fossil representatives. Lecture and laboratory. (May not be offered every year.) Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

360 STRATIGRAPHY AND SEDIMENTATION (4 credits). Implications of various structures, textures, compositions, and relationships of layered rocks. Lecture and laboratory. (May not be offered every year.) Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

363 SOILS-S (5 credits). An introduction to the principles of soil genesis, the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, soil plant relationships, soil classification, and soil fertility and management. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

365 STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY-S (4 credits). A study of the deformational features of the earth's crust. Small scale features such as anticlinal folds and thrust faults as related to the large scale tectonic features of folded mountain belts and continental shelves. Prerequisite: GEOL 113.

370 GEOPHYSICS (4 credits). Introduction to processes such as seismic refraction, gravity, magnetism and electricity of earth materials. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding how we investigate the physical environment. (May not be offered every year.) Prerequisites: GEOL 113, PHYS 113, and MATH 243.

373 ADVANCED PLANETOLOGY (4 credits). An examination of the present day knowledge of the moon, meteorites, comets, and solar system bodies. Examines moon and meteorite samples. Studies surface processes (cratering, atmospheric, physical). (May not be offered every year.) Prerequisites: GEOL 211 or GEOL 212 and upper division standing in a major science field.


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