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International Studies

School of Integrative Studies
Hagg-Sauer Hall

ACADEMIC DIRECTOR: Dr. Smith, Geography

FACULTY ADVISERS: University Coordinator For International Programs, Ms. Weiskopf-Smith; Mass Communication, Dr. Blackwood; Anthropology, Mr. Brew; Philosophy, Dr. K. Christensen; Modern Languages, Dr. Erickson; English, Dr. Evans; Political Science, Dr. Nadesan; Professional Education, Dr. J. Norris; Business Administration, Dr. W. Scheela; History, Mr. Schnabel; International Student Adviser, Ms. Sullivan

Areas of Study

The International Studies program is concerned with awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of the global community we all live in. The multi-disciplinary curriculum offers students (a) an understanding of the diversity of the world's cultures and societies, (b) appreciation of the history, validity and integrity of these cultures and societies, (c) awareness of increasing economic, environmental, political, and social global interdependence, and (d) competence in the use of a second language.

International Studies is designed to complement a major program, usually in a related field, or a field where international skills and perspectives will improve a student's options for study, research, or career success. These areas include but are not limited to Business, Economics, Geography, History, Industrial Technology, Mass Communication, Political Science, and the behavioral sciences. To coordinate International Studies, Liberal Education, and major or minor field courses, students should contact an International Studies adviser early in their academic career.

Notes: International Studies helps prepare students for cross-cultural or international careers within their major field of study.

For information on study abroad, on national/international symposia sponsored by the Army, Navy or Air Force academies, and on the Center for the Study of the Presidency, contact the International Student Services Office, Deputy 103, 755-3829.


Related Interests and Activities

Career Directions

See "Note" in program description above.

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