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Liberal Education

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 67 Liberal Education ("Lib Ed") quarter hours. Consult with an adviser before selecting courses. Policies


The Liberal Education requirement is designed to enrich the life experiences of students through the study of subjects that may be new to them. It also offers the opportunity to develop skills that are transferable to many life and career situations.

It is the intention of the Liberal Education curriculum that students


A Liberal Education course may be used to meet requirements in Liberal Education and in a major. However, each course is counted once in the total quarter hours applied to graduation requirements.

Most Liberal Education courses may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis. However, if a student elects to take a Pass/No Pass option, the right to use that course in the major or minor field is forfeited. Students who are undecided on a major or minor should exercise caution in the use of Pass/No Pass for this reason. Note: English 121, 122 and 123 may NOT be taken Pass/No Pass.

A student who has received an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Education from a regionally accredited college will have completed Liberal Education requirements at Bemidji State University provided that the A.A. degree program included at least sixty (60) quarter hours of transferable Liberal Education courses.

The Liberal Education curriculum consists of seven areas that must be completed as stated in a degree candidate's program of study. Freshmen registering for courses above 299 should consult with their adviser or with the instructor of the course.

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