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Peace & Justice Studies Course Descriptions

(PJST) College Program: 09-66 Check with Academic Director for quarter when these courses are offered.
210 GLOBAL PEACE AND JUSTICE ISSUES (4 credits). Transdisciplinary survey of Peace & Justice Studies, with emphasis on understanding and solving four root problems in building a global future: ecological deterioration, economic deprivation, sociopolitical injustice, and violent conflict. Employs a learning methodology of eliciting, clarifying, evaluating, and acting on personal value systems. (Applies to Liberal Education Area VI , Area VII ).

211 INTEGRATIVE SEMINAR (1 credit). An in-process discussion seminar for students taking courses in the Peace & Justice Studies Minor. Designed to enable students to integrate the content of the courses they are taking with peace and justice issues and themes. (May be taken up to three times for credit and as often as desired on an audit (V) basis.)

470 INTEGRATIVE TUTORIAL (2-4 credits). A capstone experience of study, research, or work in which the student demonstrates the capacity to integrate and apply peace and justice themes to real-life situations. Note: Students are required to consult with the Academic Director in selecting and gaining the approval of a faculty member to supervise this course on an arranged course basis.

Peace & Justice Studies Program | All-University Courses and Descriptions
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