Comprehensive Services & Hands-On Learning

Marketing Assistance & Research Solutions is MARS, a professional, high-quality marketing agency staffed by talented Bemidji State University students and guided by a faculty director.

Our offices are conveniently located in the Mayflower Building in downtown Bemidji. MARS serves clients throughout northern Minnesota and beyond with customized, timely and affordable results. We are committed to helping you solve problems, reach customers, learn more about your market and achieve your objectives.

Serving Clients, Helping Students

Mapping initial strategy for a new client.
Mapping initial strategy for a new client.

MARS is a self-funded, non-profit agency that exists solely to serve clients while providing hands-on experience to selected junior- and senior-level BSU Marketing students, who are compensated for their work.

All projects are completed under the coordinated daily director of the MARS faculty director, Dr. Kelly La Venture, who reviews work to ensure that clients receive the most comprehensive marketing services possible.

Furthering Business Success

MARS supports the economic development of the Bemidji region by providing an affordable, high-quality alternative to meeting business needs for research, training, design and consulting in any and all aspects of marketing.

Our Comprehensive Services

MARS offers a full breadth of services to help your organization reach its desired objectives, ranging from design of design and print materials to all types of market research, feasibility studies and strategic management analysis. Customer rates are established annually based on operation costs.

A MARS student discusses research results with clients.
A MARS student discusses research results with clients.