Preparing Global Citizens

The BSU College of Individual and Community Health (CICH) encourages students to select studies that will lead to professional careers and recognizes the importance of preparing students to live in a global and highly technological society.

Our graduates obtain a high quality, professionally and personally relevant education built on a strong liberal education core. This foundation provides students with an understanding of global perspectives, cultural diversity, technologies, human behavior and responsible citizenship upon which they can develop their careers and their future as global citizens.

The college’s focus on attention to student service, outreach and research is evident. Collectively, the CICH promotes a culture of assessment, accountability and achievement in meeting national standards for those seeking a state-of-the-art program.

Faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching and to the general understanding of the behavioral, social, and health sciences. Besides dynamic classroom studies, students have the opportunity to extend their learning by participating in a variety of laboratory activities, targeted field trips, regional and national sports organizations and venues, research projects, internships, and other clinical and practical experiences.