Fraud Examination Careers

As the numbers of frauds committed and the total dollar amounts lost from fraud increase, the demand for careers to prevent and detect such fraud will increase.

In fact, a few years ago, Fortune magazine identified forensic accounting or fraud examination as one of the fastest growing and most financially rewarding careers. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants recently touted forensic accounting/fraud examination as one of the six fastest growing and most profitable opportunities for accountants.

Five areas in fraud fighting that will be rewarding and have high demand in the future include:


This includes FBI, postal inspectors, Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, U.S. Marshals, inspectors general of various governmental agencies, state investigators and law enforcement officials.

CPA Firms, Forensic Accounting Firms, Litigation Support Firms and Law Firm

These individuals will conduct investigations, support firms in litigation, do bankruptcy-related fraud work, serve as expert witnesses, consult in fraud prevention and detection, and provide other fee-based work.


Individuals who work for corporations will prevent, detect, and investigate fraud within a company. This category includes internal auditors, corporate security officers and in-house legal counsels.


Lawyers will defend or prosecute organizations in civil and criminal cases.

Consulting, University Professors, Hospital Management, Technology Corporations, etc.

People who work in these areas will consult, serve as expert witnesses, extract evidence from computers and servers, investigate public records, and serve on grand or trial juries.

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