Accounting Minor

Available to any non-major, the Minor in Accounting is a useful addition to any career path in the private industry, government, or non-profit sectors.

You’ll study basic accounting concepts and practices and computer business applications, giving you tools that can be applied to your major field of study. Taking the minor is an excellent way to enhance your skills. It provides a concentration of courses that can complement your major and give you an understanding of the financial systems of an organization, helping you become more valuable in a competitive job market, and making your degree more marketable.

Your electives will allow you to concentrate on specific skills of your interest, such as tax preparation, managerial analysis or cost accounting.

Career Outlook

An accounting background is useful for many career paths, with the most obvious being jobs that are directly related to business and finance. However, those working anywhere in the corporate, small business or non-profit world will find an understanding of accounting invaluable. The Accounting Minor allows you to better prepare for a career, no matter what your career choice may be.

See the catalog for all Accounting Minor requirements.

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