Frequently Asked Questions

What degree is offered through the online accounting program?

You can complete the 71 credits required for the major courses in the Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, all online. The required courses include 33 credits in accounting, 24 credits in business administration, 6 economics credits, 4 math credits and 2 electives.

Do I need an A.A. degree to apply to this program?

Ideally, this program is a “2 + 2” program, which means you need to have a completed associate of arts degree or at least have completed the MN Transfer Curriculum before beginning the courses in the B.S. Accounting Program.

How often do courses begin?

Courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters as well as during the summer sessions

How long will it take for me to complete my B.S. degree?

The B.S. in accounting degree program requires the completion of 120 credits, including 42 credits of liberal education courses, 71 credits for the major courses and additional elective credits. The length of time to complete the degree depends on how many courses or credits you complete each semester. The courses will be offered an a two year rotating schedule.

What is the minimum GPA for admittance?

Transfer students must meet or exceed the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA requirement.

What is the tuition for courses in this program?

Check on the online tuition calculator to learn the cost of online courses at BSU.

Will I need to come to BSU to complete any of the course or program requirements?

No. All of the required courses are offered online and do not require any face to face meetings on campus.

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