Internships provide valuable work experience and connections for future employment and references.

The Benefits of an Internship

An internship in Accounting is an excellent tool for laying a foundation to your professional career:

  • Allows you to start building your business network.
  • Gives you real world experience and confirmation that you have selected the right career.
  • Looks great on your resumé.
  • Exposes you to a potential employer – we call this the “test drive” for both you and for them.
  • Allows you to get feedback in a learning environment.

How to Find an Internship That is Right for You

BSU’s Career Services maintains a database of potential internship opportunities. Employers routinely come to campus looking for interns and you can network with others via the Accounting Club.

Internships in Accounting require you to be paid a reasonable wage and that you will be performing tasks typical to a starting staff accountant. Once you have found an internship you complete the Internship Agreement (see link below) and register for the agreed upon number of credits.

You will maintain a weekly log of your activities to be turned in at the end of the internship to the Internship Coordinator. You will also complete an evaluation of your employers and they will complete one on your performance (see forms below).

For more information about internships contact William Graves.

Internship Employers