Exceptional Beauty, Unlimited Opportunities

Bemidji State University has become my home away from home.

As a transfer student, unsure and nervous to the challenges of college life, it didn’t take more than a quick tour of the campus along with an introduction to the Aquatic Biology degree to set my heart on this university. The exceptional beauty of the lake along the whole campus creates not only a breathtaking view, but a wonderful opportunity for faculty and class members to embrace its educational qualities.

Perhaps the most rewarding quality of BSU is the extensive hands-on experience you will gain. Field work such as freshwater invertebrate collections, secchi disk readings, lake alkalinity measurements, fish seining, wildlife tracking — you name it, Bemidji State will teach you the skills needed to succeed. Every memory I share with my classmates and faculty members is a rewarding, joyful experience that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. If you are interested in an exceptionally fun educational experience, BSU is the place for you.

Mitch Rigelman
Aquatic Biology
Class of 2012


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