Fisheries Biology

Fisheries Biology is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on chemistry, ecology, limnology, management and economics to explore a specific niche of biology.


The Fisheries Biology emphasis at BSU follows an interdisciplinary curriculum meant to give students a solid foundation in the aquatic sciences while introducing them to relevant topics in environmental law and policy, economics, and statistics.

Students will have ample opportunities for field work and research, as well as internships that will allow them to see and experience the day-to-day work of fisheries management.

In recent years, students have interned at various fisheries and watersheds throughout the country. Positions have included: Creel Clerk, Walker Area Fisheries Office Walker, MN, Fisheries & Watershed Management Technician, Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, Fort McCoy, WI and Fish Monitor, MN DNR, Lake City, MN.


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