Wetlands Ecology

Wetlands — areas with seasonal or permanent shallow surface water or water-saturated soils — are becoming an increasingly important environmental issue. Approximately 52% of our nation’s wetlands have been lost. We are now beginning to comprehend the valuable role of wetlands in water management, plant and animal biodiversity and global nutrient cycles. Through the George W. Nielson Endowed Chair, received by Richard W. Koch, BSU is moving to the forefront in filling the demand for highly skilled wetland professionals needed by natural resource agencies.

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Projects, Courses & Internships

Given our area’s diversity of local wetland ecosystems, including bogs, fens, marshes, swamps, prairie potholes, lakes and rivers, we offers a unique opportunity for training experts in wetland ecology, delineation, management and preservation.

Wetlands Projects Conducted at BSU
  • Lakeshore restoration and re-vegetation on Lake Bemidji
  • Fish and macroinvertebrate surveys in waters of the Big Bog in northern Minnesota
  • Organic matter input from peatlands into adjacent lakes.
  • Impacts of forest management policies on nutrient processing in small, forest wetlands.
  • Influence of prescribed burning of forest watersheds on aquatic plants.
  • Diversity of algae and invertebrates living within fluids held by Pitcher-plants.
  • Faunal communities associated with different wetland plant communities
  • Hydrology and carbon emissions in forest ponds
  • Aquatic plant surveys in MN lakes
Recent Internships
  • Minnesota DNR — Forested wetlands
  • Beltrami County Soil and Water Conservation District (MN) — restoration of shoreline vegetation
  • USDA Forest Service — Movement of organic matter through forested watersheds
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – wetland plant surveys across MN
Courses in Wetlands Ecology
  • Wetlands Ecology
  • Wetland Delineation and Classification
  • Aquatic Plants and Algae
  • Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Entomology
  • Limnology
  • River and Stream Ecology
  • Environmental Hydrology
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • and Many More

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