From becoming a science educator to a biochemist, a degree in biology from Bemidji State will prepare you for a variety of careers.

Below are some examples of career options with a biology degree, included are links to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics where you will find more information about each career’s outlook.

Common Careers for Biology Graduates Include

Career Median Salary Outlook
Biochemist $94,270 5%
Biology Teacher $62,870 8%
Biology Professor $101,320 1.6 %
Biomedical Engineer $92,620 6%
Environmental Scientist $73,230 8%
Genetic Counselor $85,700 26%
Medical/Forensic Lab Technician $60,590 16%
Microbiologist $84,400 5%
Nurse Practitioner $ 111,680 1.4%
Nutritionist $63,090 11%
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  $65,420 5%
Physician Assistant $115,390 31%
Wildlife Biologist $66,350 5%
Zoologist $66,350 5%

More career outlook information from Career Services. If you are interested in student employment or internship opportunities, check out our jobs and internships page or Handshake, which is managed by Bemidji State’s career services.