Program Advisors

BSU-BDEBemidji State University has Advisory Boards at both the university and college levels. To help ensure the quality and relevancy of our programs and courses, we’ve enlisted the wisdom of business leaders and professionals — including several alumni —

to serve as Program Advisors.

Jeffrey Baumgartner**
President & Chief Executive Officer
American Time & Signal

Jeff Coombe
Manager / Human Resources

Rebecca Dawley**
First Vice President / Director of Information Services (retired)
Federated Insurance

Gary Johnson
Chief Executive Officer & General Manager
Paul Bunyan Communications

Dave Odegaard**
Partner (retired)

Dave Ramsey**
First Vice President / Director of Insurance Alliances (retired)
Federated Insurance

Carol Russell**

David L. Sorensen**
Vice President, World Wide Sourcing (retired)
General Mills

John Thompson**
Assistant Controller
Federated Insurance

BSU Alum**