With a degree from our programs, you can pursue many career paths. The skills you learned in your Business Administration major are applicable to a wide array of sectors in the business world including Finance, Human Resources, Management and Marketing. After earning your degree, you can work for a corporation, nonprofit organization or startup company, among many other options. And with a Computer Information Systems major, you will be equipped to apply information technology solutions to address business problems.

The Bemidji State University Advantage

  • Our business graduates get jobs (100% placement).
  • Internships that help you decide on your career pathways.
  • Merit-based up to $10,000 and departmental scholarships.
  • In-state tuition for all students.
  • Low cost of tuition, $4,902 per semester (15 credits) vs $16,205 for a private 4 year college (College Board 2022).

Below are some examples of viable career options with a business degree, included are links to the U.S. Burea of Labor Statistics where you will find more information about each career’s outlook!

Common Careers for Business Administration Graduates Include

Students in business administration often enter these careers


Median Salary

Job Outlook

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager

$141,490 10%

Budget Analyst

$78,970 5%

Compensation, Benefits and Job Analyst Specialists

$67,190 10%

Human Resource Manager

$121,220 9%

Loan Officer

$63,960 1%

Management Analyst

$87,660 14%

Labor Relations Specialists

$73,240 -4%

Finance Analyst

$83,660 6%

Insurance Underwriter

$71,790 -2%

Personal Financial Advisor

$89,330 5%

Purchasing Manager

$72,270 -4%

Properties & Real Estate Manager

$59,660 3%

Facilities Manager

$98,890 9%

Tax Examiner

$55,640 -4%

Management Analysts

$87,660 14%

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Common Careers for Computer Information Systems Graduates Include

Students in CIS often enter these careers


Median Salary

Job Outlook

Computer Operations Manager

$151,150 11%

Computer Systems Analyst

$93,730 7%

Database Administrator

$98,860 8%

Web Developer

$77,200 13%

Computer Support Specialist

$55,510 9%

Information Security Analyst

$103,590 33%

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