The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the IT industry has created close to 1 million new jobs, and with increased retirements there will be another 1.3 million openings.

Now that technology is integral to all aspects of business, technical skills alone aren’t enough to land the most desirable IT jobs. By taking the initiative to pursue an education that includes studies in finance, marketing and management, you’ll set yourself up for better jobs and greater success.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major combines the best of business administration and computer science into a unique hybrid program that provides a solid technical education in computer science and real-world experience in business and management.


Total: 75 semester credits (in addition to liberal education requirements)

  • 38 credits in business core course requirements, accounting, economics, mathematics, finance, management, marketing and operations
  • 37 credits in computer science, computer graphics, e-Commerce, object-oriented software development, apps development, gaming, programming and information systems courses

For more information on the courses in this program, visit the course catalog.