Required MBA Forms

Form 2 (application for admission to candidacy) is needed once you have completed 12 MBA credits (4 complete courses). This form is to be completed with your advisor, please have the form filled out before a meeting is called upon. On part B in the form, please select the capstone option. Once the form is signed by your advisor, please email the form to Dean Yoder at for her review and signature.

Application for admission candidacy

Graduate Candidacy Application (Form 2)


The revised form 3 is your graduate non-thesis/capstone approval form. This will need to be submitted once you start the final capstone course, Strategy and Management MBA 6145. Note that when filling this form out, your committee chair will be your advisor or MBA director. Only one other staff member is needed. This could include any of the current MBA professors. Once the form is filled out, send it to your committee chair and have them review and sign this form. Once it is signed, Graduate Studies will be notified, and the final approval decisions will be made.

Cumulative Project Committee Approval Form-Non-Thesis/Capstone (Form 3)


Form 4, the application for graduation, is to be completed after an approved form 3 is received. This form lets Graduate Studies know you are approved and ready to graduate. Again, the committee members will consist of the same members you chose from form 3. Currently, the MBA program only requires the advisor and the committee member one, for the committee member two, please put N/A (not applicable).

Application for Graduation (Form 4)


Form 5, Confirmation of Degree Requirements, is used to ensure all relevant work has been completed. You will complete this form once you have completed all the MBA courses & has received a grade for all courses. You, the student is required to complete the top portion and then send the rest of the document off to your current advisor for review and signing. Once this is complete, the School of Graduate Studies will process the posting of your degree. Please email your completed and advisor signed form to Graduate Studies at

Confirmation of Degree Requirements (Form 5)


This area is intended only for students wishing to substitute courses or have existing transfer credits. More information can be found on the link below.

Petitions, Substitutions, and Transfers

Graduate Course Equivalency Form

The Graduate Academic Appeals Petition Form


If you have any further questions regarding any of the forms mentioned above, please contact Valerie Wallingford, Program Coordinator, and she will assist and advise further.