What We Do

In cooperation with local businesses and BSU staff and faculty, the Bemidji State University Business Club is a student organization welcoming all students majoring in and/or interested in business. Members engage in events and activities to demonstrate and develop their business acumen, while simultaneously building their professional network and resume, providing them a competitive edge upon entering the working world of business.

What Students Say About Our Club

Furthermore, “Bemidji state university business club supports members to become leaders they want to be. Also, our business is to aspire, create and participate in business for you. We want to engage our members in leadership roles and projects and bring members’ talents to the table to reach a common goal. We want to create a network for business students or students interested in business to become exposed to real-life situations and know what it means to be in business.”

Get Involved

“It’s our business to bring out the business in you!”

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