CIS, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Indigenous Business, Indigenous Nations Marketing, Management, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business minor & MIS minor.

Business courses cover it all from apps development, management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and Indigenous Nations to human resources and strategic management.

Consult the course catalog for more detailed information and visit the class schedule for current term listings.

Course Rotation 2020-2021 On Campus Online
Course# Course-Title Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
1100 Introduction to Business YES YES
2220 Legal Environment YES YES YES YES
2231 Business Statistics I YES YES YES YES
2280 Computer Business Apps YES YES YES YES
3223 Operations Management YES YES YES YES
3232 Business Statistics II YES YES YES YES
3281 Decision Support Systems YES YES YES YES
3283 E-Commerce Web Development YES
3351 Management YES YES YES YES
3361 Marketing YES YES YES YES
3381 Management Info Systems YES YES YES YES
3382 Business Application Development YES
3383 Data Communication YES
3384 Systems Analysis & Design YES
3420 Labor & Employment Rel YES YES
3450 Indigenous Business YES Available in Summer 2021
3467 Advertising Management YES YES YES
3520 Business Ethics YES YES
3567 Consumer Behavior YES YES
3568 Personal Selling YES YES YES
3569 E-Marketing YES YES
3600 Marketing Analytics YES YES
3677 Real Estate YES YES
3678 Risk Management & Insurance YES YES
3771 Financial Management YES YES YES YES
3772 Advanced Financial Management YES YES
3872 Investments YES YES
4354 Organizational Behavior YES YES YES
4385 Data Modeling & Design YES
4387 Strategic Information Management YES
4456 Human Resource Management YES YES YES YES
4500 Compensations & Benefits


Online Spring even year & on campus Spring odd year

4507 Talent Acquisition YES YES YES
4508 Training, Development, and Evaluation


Fall on-campus even year & Fall odd year online

4509 Diversity & Inclusion YES YES
4800 Strategic HRM YES YES
4458 Entrepreneurship YES YES YES YES
4467 Marketing Research YES YES YES
4468 Marketing Management YES YES YES
4469 Small Bus Case Analysis YES YES YES YES
4550 Indigenous Entrepreneurship YES Available in Summer 2021
4559 Strategic Management YES YES YES YES
4600 Senior Seminar: Accounting YES YES YES
4600 Senior Seminar:Business YES YES YES YES
4750 International Management YES
4779 Corp Financial Policies YES YES
4970 Internship YES YES
5110 Business Analytics YES YES
5120 Managerial Finance YES YES
5130 Corp Soc Responsibility YES YES
6105 Organizational Behavior YES
6125 Marketing Management YES YES
6135 Info Systems Management YES
6145 Strategy and Management YES YES YES
5140 Global Business David Massaglia David Massaglia
6100 Managerial Accounting Bill Joyce
6400 Managing Human Resources Summer
5100 Survey of Accounting and Finance Concepts Summer
5105 Quantitative Analysis for Business Summer