CIS, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Indigenous Business, Indigenous Nations Marketing, Management, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business minor & MIS minor.

Business courses cover it all from apps development, management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and Indigenous Nations to human resources and strategic management.

Consult the course catalog for more detailed information and visit the class schedule for current term listings.

Course Rotation

The following course rotation starts in Fall 2024.

Fall Even Year

(e.g., Fall 2024, Fall 2026…)

Fall Even Year (e.g., Fall 2024, Fall 2026...) course rotation

Fall Odd Year

(e.g., Fall 2025, Fall 2027…)

Fall odd year course rotation

Spring Even Year

(e.g., Spring 2024, Spring 2026…)

Spring even year course rotation

Spring Odd Year

(e.g., Spring 2025, Spring 2027…)

Spring odd year course rotation

BUAD 4550 Indigenous Entrepreneurship is only offered in summer.

The following courses are planned to be combined into one in the near future:

  • BUAD 3232 and BUAD 3500
  • BUAD 3283 and BUAD 3569
  • BUAD 3384 and BUAD 3382