Center for Environmental, Economic, Earth and Space Studies

The Center for Environmental, Economic, Earth and Space Studies (CEEESS) offers a unique variety of interdisciplinary degree programs that a student may choose to pursue.

Degrees in Environmental Studies include both B.S. and M.S. with a geology minor also available.

Students in the CEEESS program are concerned with both the technological problems and social aspects of environmental issues. Working in cooperation with the CEEESS, they may participate in applied research. Their interdisciplinary course work includes the study of scientific principles used in environmental problem solving, and the study of the impact of economics, politics and other social systems on environmental policies and practices.

Environmental Studies

Environmental scientists work toward defining and solving environmental problems caused by the actions of human beings. Their training is broad-based and encompasses the natural sciences, mathematics and the social sciences. Their primary ethical concern is human stewardship of the earth. The Environmental Studies Program is one of the most comprehensive, high quality, longest running programs in the Midwest.


The minor in geology can be coupled with a strong science major as valuable preparation for graduate study in geology and related areas. A graduate degree is usually required for career advancement beyond entry level positions.


Economics is the social science that explores the problem of relative scarcity and its implications for problems of resource allocation, economic stability, growth and distribution. Applied fields, including labor relations, financial economics, international economics and environmental economics, focus on specific aspects of these broad concerns. In the applied areas, students become cognizant of the interaction between economics and related disciplines.

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