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Center for Environmental, Economic, Earth and Space Studies
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Economics, Minor

Some people work harder than others. People that work hard are more productive than those who don't. All firms would like to hire hard workers, but it is difficult for them to tell at an interview: everybody will say they are hard workers.

Part of the value of graduating from a university is simply the piece of paper that says you did it. Graduating from a university is challenging; accomplishing it sends a signal that you are likely to be a hard worker who is persistent, both traits firms admire because they lead to higher productivity.

Economics makes an outstanding Minor for people who intend to get a good job when they leave here for two reasons.

  1. Economics is worth learning on its own. Economics helps focus your decision-making, yielding insight on decisions big and small. Economics also contributes to your understanding of the world; economic statistics often appear on the front page of newspapers and websites, and after completing courses in Econ you will be able to tell at a glance what is happening and how it matters to you.
  2. Just as important, Economics has challenging subject matter. Earning a minor requires hard work to achieve-and employers know it. If you are a Business, Political Science, Environmental Studies or Accounting major with an Econ minor, this accomplishment distinguishes you from your counterparts by signaling you can work unusually hard and complete difficult tasks.

That is, it looks real good on a resume and you just might learn something worthwhile, too.