Chemical Stockroom

Students working in the chemistry stockroom.
Students working in the Chemical Stockroom.

The Chemical Stockroom is dedicated to serving the Department of Chemistry and Bemidji State University by maintaining safe teaching and research laboratories and providing safe, accurate and efficient laboratory setups. We also strive to minimize  chemical waste produced by the university.

Student Employment

For employment opportunities, please contact the department chair, Dr. Keith Marek.

Working in the Chemical Stockroom gives students who are interested in pursuing chemistry the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will be beneficial in industry, teaching, graduate school or wherever life takes them.

Benefits of working in the stockroom
  1. Gain experience working with chemicals
  2. Learn the protocols for hazardous waste management
  3. Gain an in-depth knowledge of instruments used in the Chemistry department
  4. Learn how to prep and set up a teaching laboratory
  5. Gain safety knowledge
  6. Learn OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requirements
  7. Learn to write Standard Operating Procedures


Mission of the Stockroom

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