The faculty of the Department of Chemistry are committed to the intellectual, chemical, and social growth of all student chemist who attend Bemidji State University.

Dr. Keith Marek

Picture of Professor Marek

Chair, Professor

Specialty: Inorganic Chemistry

Interesting facts:

  • Trivia winner with Team name “Chemically Enhanced.”
  • Has the periodic table memorized.
  • High School graduating class with 34 members.

Location: Sattgast Hall 377B
Phone: (218) 755-2788

Dr. Julie Larson

Picture of Professor Larson


Specialty: Organic Chemistry

Interesting facts:

  • Can draw a perfect hexagon, chair too!
  • Mother of seven.

Location: Sattgast Hall 377A
Phone: (218) 755-2791

Dr. Katie Peterson

Picture of Professor Peterson

Associate Professor

Specialty: Medicinal Chemistry

Interesting facts:

  • Hometown of less than 500 people.
  • Research interests include fluorescent probes for hydrogen sulfide.
  • Involved in STEM outreach with middle school students.
  • Likes to fish!

Location: Sattgast Hall 377C
Phone: (218) 755-3880
Box #: 27

Dr. Bob Quandt

Picture of Professor Quandt


Specialty: Physical Chemistry

Interesting facts:

  • Actually likes math!
  • Saw Star Wars on its opening night (in 1977).
  • Speaks some Klingon.
  • Cubs Fan.
  • Research interest include using computational chemistry to map potential energy profiles of reactions that are important in both atmospheric and combustion chemistry.

Location: Sattgast Hall 377D
Phone: (218) 755-2792
Box #: 27

Dr. Rachel Hellmann Whitaker

Rachel Hellman Whitaker, Chemistry professor at Bemidji State University

Associate Professor

Specialty: Biochemistry

Interesting facts:

  • Completed a solo hike of the Grand Canyon in 2020.
  • Research interests include enzymology and nucleic acid chemistry.

Dale Dreyer

Dale Dreyer, Chemistry professor at Bemidji State University

College Lab Specialist

Interesting facts:

    • Our MacGyver, can fix (almost) anything.
    • Bemidji native, BSU Chemistry Graduate, his dad Dr. Kirt Dreyer Chemistry Professor Emeritus.

Location: Sattgast Hall 356
Phone: (218) 755-2780