Chemistry Club pizza party.
Chemistry Club students having a meeting

Bemidji State’s Chemistry Club is a cohort of student chemists and biochemists interested in honing chemistry skills outside the classroom. In addition to inviting field professionals to campus, the club participates in outreach activities for prospective chemistry students, facilitates lab opportunities for current students and more.

What Students Say About Our Club

  • “I enjoy getting to know new people in my field of study and being able to talk science with my nerd friends. This also introduces me to people who may be able to answer some of my chemistry questions as I come across them.” — Melanie Simonson
  • “It’s always nice to be surrounded by people who know what you’re talking about when you start to use scientific lingo.” — Melanie Simonson
  • “The free pizza every meeting is a nice bonus.” — Aric Falk

Get Involved

Join us – Follow us on Instagram @BemidjiStateChemistry or BeaverLink. Meeting times are posted on flyers throughout Sattgast Hall.  Fall 2023 meeting time is Tues at 5:15 in the 3rd floor lounge of Sattgast.