Frequently asked questions

When should I start thinking about my internship?

It is never too early to start thinking about where you want to do your internship. It is recommended that you give serious consideration to your internship at the beginning of your junior year.

How do I select an appropriate internship?

Find a position with a criminal justice agency that you and the internship coordinator agree will provide you with a meaningful experience. A suggestion is to locate a position within an agency most like the one you would like to work for when you graduate. Remember that your internship experience may prove valuable when seeking a position after graduation.

When can I take my internship?

It is advised that you take your internship the summer between your junior and senior year. Internships are offered during the spring and summer semesters. Internships are not offered during fall semester.

What are the steps in arranging my internship?

Attend the mandatory Internship Planning Meeting! This is usually held at the end of September for spring interns and again January for summer interns. The meeting dates and times will be prominently posted.

Contact the agency you wish to intern with and see what they have to offer. It is not a bad idea to have an alternative agency in mind in case your primary choice does not work out.

Once you have a verbal agreement with the agency, contact the Internship Coordinator to pick up the necessary forms you will need to have completed.

Have all forms signed and returned by the application deadline. The application deadline for spring internship is December 1st and for summer internships April 1st.

Once all of the paperwork has been filed and approved, work with your internship agency to set your schedule.

Who is the internship coordinator?

Dr. Michael Herbert

Is there a resource available that can help me in choosing an internship agency?

Yes, a list of agencies has been developed that have accepted BSU criminal justice majors in the past along with the contact information for those agencies. You may feel free to examine the list. You may also wish to contact Career Services, as they have additional resources that you may find useful.

Will I be contacted during my internship by the Coordinator?

Yes, generally there is at least one on-site visit along with telephone contacts and correspondence via email.

Are there any written assignments for the internship?

Yes, there is one written assignment that is styled as a journaling project due by the end of the academic semester that you complete your internship. The written assignment requirements will be provided to you by the Coordinator.

Are internships paid positions?

Generally internships are not paid positions, although some are available.

Will a criminal record or other past behaviors affect my ability to secure an internship?

It is very possible that if you have a criminal history or past behaviors that appear to be detrimental to the criminal justice profession, you will probably experience difficulty in securing an internship.

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