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Joining the Criminal Justice program allows students to start an exciting journey into the world of criminal justice — its knowledge, values and ethics. The Criminal Justice program promotes strong leadership qualities and prepares students for careers in the ever-evolving criminal justice system. Our opportunities are as unique and diverse as our students. As a Criminal Justice Major at Bemidji State University, you will prepare yourself to work for local, state, federal or tribal agencies in virtually any area of the criminal justice system. You will also be prepared to pursue an advanced degree and will have skills that are attractive to many career fields in the private sector. BSU’s Criminal Justice Department carries several different degree tracks so you can earn your degree in a way that fits your interests and lifestyle.

“I think BSU’s criminal justice faculty did a fantastic job bringing in current events and assigning work that helped solidify the concepts to memory. It is one thing to read a concept, but a whole new kind of learning when you apply it. I think BSU really encouraged hands-on work as well as discussions that furthered my education.” – Haley Bauman (2022 Graduate)