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Undergraduate Majors

  • Law enforcement 
    If you want to be a licensed Peace Officer (police officer, Deputy Sheriff, State Trooper, Conservation Officer, or other professional charged with upholding the law) this emphasis prepares you for entry into this field. By completing the Criminal Justice degree at Bemidji State University you partially meet the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST) academic requirements.
  • Corrections
    If you want a career in probation, counseling, court services, correctional facilities, and legal assistance, this emphasis prepares you for entry into this field.
  • Victimology
    The victimology emphasis provides students with knowledge and understanding of crime victimization, victim services, social and systemic responses to victimization, and community and restorative justice principles.
  • Tribal Justice
    The Tribal Justice emphasis is a collaborative effort with the Indigenous Studies program designed to explore justice practices and principles specific to the unique cultural, political, and historical background of American Indians.


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