Class Schedule

Fall 2020

Economics: Environmental Economics, Microeconomics Decisions

Environmental Studies: Natural Resource Management, Food Sovereignty: Health & Indigenous Environment, Environment, Wellness, & Sacred Place, Wetlands Ecology, Environmental Controversies, Environmental Data Analysis, Environmental Law & Policy, Sampling and Analysis, Risk Assessment & Auditing, Senior Seminar.

Geography: World Regional Geography, Intro to Human Geography, Intro To Planning, Intro to GIS, Intermediate GIS, Intro Remote Sensing, Geography of No. America, Tch Mid/Sec School Social Studies, Biogeography, Spatial Analysis, Machine Learning for Environmental Modeling, and Biogeography

Geology: Historical Geology, Stratigraphy & Sedimentology, Soils, Hydrogeology, Glacial/Pleistocene Geology.


Spring 2021

Economics: Labor Economics, Benefit/Cost Analysis, Microeconomics: Decisions, Marcoeconomics: Growth and Fluctuations.

Environmental Studies: Environmental Toxicology, Sustainability Theory and Practice, Environmental Controversies, Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Global Perspective, Environmental Justice and Sustainability, Environmental Chemistry.

Geography:World Regional Geography, Intro Physical Geography, Intro To Planning, Intro to GIS, Intermediate GIS, Economic Geography, Tch Mid/Sec School Social Studies, Geography of Europe, Regional Geography -World Cities,  Spatial Analysis, and Advanced GIS

Geology: Physical Geology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Introductory Planetary Science, Environmental Hydrology, Topics in Paleontology.