An Economics degree from Bemidji State opens doors everywhere. Want to enter the workforce? Thinking about graduate school or law school?

If you graduate with a degree in Economics, you leave prepared for anything.

The Economics Program in the Center for Sustainability Studies offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics and an Economics minor.

Vision: For students to be able 1) to critically analyze issues related to the economy, business, public policy and society; 2) to engage in research by applying economic theories to the development of dynamic public policy and business decisions; 3) more broadly, to obtain the problem solving skills that can be applied to their higher academic training in varies disciplines or their professional career in varies fields.

Mission: Members of the Economics faculty within the Center for Sustainability Studies engage in research and in turn offer their expertise in the classroom 1) to provide students with interdisciplinary training of knowledge and skills necessary for critical thinking in economics and the social sciences; 2) to teach students qualitative and quantitative methodology necessary for economic and social science research; 3) to instill in students the tools necessary to engage in socioeconomic problem solving.

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