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We offer both a major and a minor in economics. Find out which is right for you!

Economics Major

In the course of completing your economics degree, you will learn concrete skills as well as work habits and modes of thinking that will make you an invaluable team member. Completing a degree in economics shows you have the ability to think critically, work hard and solve problems, not just that you understand how macro- and micro-economics work.

On average, economics graduates make among the highest salaries of any major group. This is partially due to how many different types of opportunities you will have. Doors are open for you to go to law school or pursue a graduate degree in economics.

Find out about the course of study in the BSU Catalog.

Economics Minor

Economics makes an outstanding minor for Bemidji State Students for two reasons.

  • Economics is worth learning on its own. It helps focus your decision-making, yielding insight on decisions big and small. Economics also contributes to your understanding of the world, from the front page of the newspaper to your own personal finances.
  • Just as important, Economics has challenging subject matter. Earning a minor requires hard work to achieve, which employers will note. If you are a Business, Political Science, Environmental Studies or Accounting major with an Econ minor, this accomplishment distinguishes you from your counterparts.

Find out more about the Economics Minor in the BSU Catalog.


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