A degree in economics is one of the best decisions you can make. Graduates make the highest salary of any major group and your options after receiving your bachelor’s are plentiful. Ranging from becoming a financial analyst or working in government to going into law or another post-graduate school, a degree in economics is a terrific career choice.

The BSU Advantage

  • Our economics graduates get jobs (100% placement).
  • Internships that help you decide on the career pathways.
  • Merit-based up to $10,000 and departmental scholarships.
  • In-state tuition for all students.
  • Low cost of tuition, $4,902 per semester (15 credits) vs $16,205 for a private 4 year college (College Board 2022).

Below are some examples of viable career options with an economics degree, included are links to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics where you will find more information about each career’s outlook!

What Economics Graduates Can Do


Median Salary

Job Outlook

Financial Manager $134,180 17%
Lawyer $126,930 9%
Compensation and Benefits Manager $125,130 4%
Actuary $111,030 24%
Economist $108,350 13%
Statistician $93,290 33%
Personal Financial Advisor $89,330 5%
Management Analyst/Consultant $87,660 14%
Credit Analyst $86,170 N/A
Financial Analyst $86,660 6%
Economics Professor $80,560 12%
Logistician $76,270 30%
Market Research Analyst $65,810 22%
Loan Officer $63,960 1%
Business Reporter $49,300 6%

For more career outlook information, visit Career Services.