An English B.A. will prepare you for an entry-level job or allow you to pursue an advanced degree and students are encouraged to explore what interests them.

Students working toward an English B.A. major will explore academic and creative writing, as well as literature and textual interpretation. Students will take survey courses such as American Literature and examine historically critical work through different lenses. The English degree program also offers classes such as American Film in which students will analyze different movies using literature lenses and theory, and Contemporary American Literature where students get the opportunity to study culturally significant novels from the last few decades.

After these courses, English students continue their studies by adopting an emphasis or minor of their choosing. This area of concentration can hone in on writing classes, such as with the writing emphasis, or literature classes, such as with the English minor. Minors in mass communications, technical studies, the arts or the sciences are also worthwhile paths for Bemidji State English majors.

For more information on the courses in this program, visit the course catalog.