Digital Writing Minor

Digital Writing is one of the fastest growing skills needed by employers for a wide variety of careers. The Digital Writing minor will allow students to gain hands-on experience in online writing. The modern workplace’s increasing digitization means well-developed digital writing skills are highly coveted and any student can benefit from them.

The Digital Writing Minor has students learn how to write professional emails, memos, resumes, cover letters and even manuals. Students also study ethnographic principles and digital rhetoric, including learning about everything from the rhetoric of online fandoms to the history of social media. Most importantly, this minor educates students about why it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in the digital world and how to navigate it.

The Digital Writing Minor also gives students a number of opportunities to try their hand at composing their own digital projects, such as the capstone project required to complete this minor. Below are some examples of recent Digital Writing students’ capstone projects:

Coralie Swedburg’s: Gender in Gaming

Emily Comstock’s: Digital Portfolio of Pride and Prejudice Publications

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