From left: Lauren Cobb, Larry Swain, Brian Donovan, Jessica Durgan and Donna Pawlowski

The BSU English professors are truly passionate about helping their students succeed. They create a wonderful learning environment that helps me feel free to explore my own beliefs and values.

– Mary C., English Education B.A.

Dr. Mark Christensen
Chair - Professor
Office: HS 302Box #23
(218) 755-3356
Email: mark.christensen@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Jessica Durgan
Associate Professor
Office: HS 353Box #23
(218) 755-2812
Email: jessica.durgan@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Kali Finn
Assistant Professor of English
Office: BG 211 ABox #16
(218) 755-2838
Email: kali.finn@bemidjistate.edu
Maureen Gibbon
Office: BG 205
(218) 755-4021
Email: maureen.gibbon@bemidjistate.edu
Dr Gary Rees
Assistant Professor - English
Office: BG 213Box #16
(218) 755-2359
Email: gary.rees@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Carol Ann Russell
Office: BG 203Box #16
(218) 755-2029
Email: carolann.russell@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Larry Swain
Assistant Professor
Office: BG 214Box #16
(218) 755-2484
Email: larry.swain@bemidjistate.edu