BSU English FAQ

I found a course I’m interested in through the catalog. Is there any way of knowing which semester it will be offered?

Most freshman level composition classes (ENGL 1151) are offered in the fall, and most Argument and Exposition classes (ENGL 2152) are offered in the spring. Many other English classes are offered every other semester. To see when a class will be offered, see the undergraduate course schedule.

I took an AP English course in high school/I am transfer freshman-level student that took a ENGL 1151 Composition course equivalent. Do I still need to take it my first semester at Bemidji State or can I sign up for ENGL 2152 Argument and Exposition?

Incoming freshmen who are not required to take the first semester of academic writing (e.g., they took it in concurrent enrollment or AP) or who took the first semester elsewhere may enroll at any time, including their first semester on campus, in ENGL 2152 Argument and Exposition.

I was looking through the course catalog and I found classes I can’t take yet because of prerequisites and status levels, but I want to start planning a four-year schedule now. Can my adviser help develop a plan for me with my interests in mind?

Absolutely! Your adviser can sit down with you, hear the classes you’re interested in and together, the two of you can begin plotting a structured four-year plan. Your adviser may make recommendations for courses that you may not have thought of that would fit well with your degree.

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