Student Opportunities

As an English student at BSU, you have access to clubs, internships, jobs and a world of opportunity and community.


Internships are an excellent way to get valuable experience in your chosen field. BSU offers several, and there are always opportunities elsewhere.

Medieval Club

The Bemidji State University Medieval club provides students with a better understanding and appreciation of medieval culture in both professional and entertainment settings.


The English Department offers a variety of student scholarships, both faculty nominated and by student application. There also outside resources we can help you access.


The English Department spotlights the life and work of great writers on the bulletin board by the reception office on the third floor of Hagg-Sauer.


Students with excellent grammar and writing skills have an opportunity to work as a tutor in the Writing Resource Center.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Qualified undergraduate juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship program, serving as teaching assistants in select courses.

Graduate Assistantships

Qualified graduate students are eligible for both teaching and non-teaching graduate assistantships.


Verb_L is the English Department’s premier email list-serv for English majors and other students interested in literature and writing.


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