Graduate Teaching Assistantships

As a graduate student in the English Department, you are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships at the university.

Some, such as those in the library and the Graduate School office, are nonteaching. Most English graduate students apply for a teaching GA in the English Department. These GA’s teach an Academic Writing course each semester under the supervision and guidance of the Director of Composition. Students wishing to teach at a community college or a university will be interested in a teaching graduate assistantship. A strong background in academic writing is essential for this position.

Graduate Assistants receive

  • $8,500 Annual Stipend
  • Tuition Waiver of 12 Credits/Year
  • Resident Tuition Rates

Getting Started

  • Talk to your advisor about your interest in a Graduate Assistantship.
  • Review the Graduate Assistant Guidelines at the Graduate Office for details on stipends, tuition waivers and responsibilities.
  • Apply for graduate study at Bemidji State University and for graduate study in the English Department.



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