Obtaining an internship is one of the best ways to learn what it is like to work in a specific job setting and make connections that can lead to subsequent employment.

Finding an Internship

Sample Terms of Internships Agreements

Sponsoring Organization
  • Student will participate in the administration of a project, task, event or similar activity. Tasks might include planning, arranging, promoting, managing, editing and archiving. (Participation as an artist will not be accepted as a substitute for administrative work.)
  • Student will work 16 hours for each credit (2 credits = 32 hours). The duration of the internship will be determined case-by-case. For example, the writers conference internships are two credits and are completed in five days.
  • Letter of agreement.
  • Closing letter of verification and evaluation.
  • Letter of agreement
  • Closing summary of work done.
  • Closing report on value of the experience.
  • Recommendations for other potential student interns.


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